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Permanent EDUCATION is the basis of my work


My first contact with the world of sports was at the age of 9, when I started playing handball. This experience determined me to study a Degree in Science, Physical Activity and Sports, as a way to help others achieve their own goals.


Once finished  my studies, I worked as a physical trainer of several football and basketbal teams, something which I dreamed with since  childhood. 


But it was due to a back injury when the vision of my professional future changed and cause my interest on continuing my education in the field of injuries PREVENTION and READAPTATION.


Such event made me focus all my efforts on guiding athletes to achieve their own goals, but taking in account their health in order the sport practice does not become motive of injuries but source of physical and mental well-being.

My main aim is to persons with health problems can have a normal life. And athletes, professional or amateurs can lengthen the practice of their favorite sport.



      Academical  training 

  • Mapping Training System Certification (Neuroscience and Biomechanics applied to Sports Readaptation), Barcelona 2018/2019.

  • II International Congress of Rehabilitation and Physical Injury Prevention Activity and Sport, Valencia 2016.

  • New Trends Course in Elite Sport Recovery, UCAM 2015.

  • PhD student and member of the research in sport management faculty of sciences of physical activity and sports Valencia.


  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Valencia 2014.


  • Communication in the V Iberoamerican Congress of Sports Economics, Zaragoza 2014.



  • National congress of health and sport. latest trends in diagnosis, treatment and readaptation in clinical and sports sphere.


  • Sessions PREVENTION AND READAPTATION of sports injuries in physical activity and sport.


  • First world congress: science and triathlon. Univesidad de Alicante.


  • National Triathlon Coach.


  • Expert college course in PREVENTION AND READAPTATION of injuries.


  • First national congress: current and future trends in modern football.


  • Master in management of sports organizations.


  • Bachelor of science in physical activity and sport.



  • Redaptacion physical preparation and professional athletes, semi professional and amateur.


  • Manager of IMPALA SPORTCLUB in Castellón


  • Manager of EVERYBODY FITNESS in Castellón


  • Coordinator of aquatic and sports activities for AQUARSPORT in Vila-Real.


  • Physical trainer in L'ALCORA BASKET CLUB

  • Physical trainer in BURRIANA FUTBOL CLUB


  • Physical trainer in VILLAREAL C.F.  C.A.D. Lower categories

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